Weber 14402001 Charcoal Grill Review

Weber 14402001 Charcoal Grill Review

Family time is the best time: and a meal together with your loved ones makes it work. The only challenge is how kids love street meats than what they eat at home. The high appetite for junkies among kids in America is usually a put-off for most parents who love to cook. First, it’s frustrating that they cannot contain the family’s healthy eating. But, is there a way out? Yes- just get the right recipes and equipment and cook tasty, appetizing meals right at home. That’s what grills do! Here is a comprehensive Weber 14402001 charcoal grill review.

Who’s the Weber 14402001 for?

As we already mentioned, this Original Kettle is best suited for small scale users. So, if you have a family of up to six people, this should be your go-to grill. Weber 14402001 is easy to operate and set up and thus, it rightfully occupies the list of the best charcoal grills for amateurs and home users!


Are you a professional griller or a newbie? Don’t worry about your level of experience. Weber’s Original Kettle series comes in handy to let you roast high quality stuff even when you haven’t done it before. It has a thermometer, ergonomic handles and a well-defined cooking area. You’ll find it simple to use, and this only makes it the ideal equipment for new grillers.

Home owner

A kitchen is never complete without a set of outdoor cooking equipment. A home charcoal grill needs to be more than just a performer. In addition to cooking fast, the grill should be elegant, clean and ergonomic. Weber 14402001 is fuel-efficient which means it emits minimal carbon dioxide to the air. The copper color makes it stylish and exquisite. Plus, you can choose the black, green or copper outlook.

Charcoal grill for camping

Partying and camping without a barbecuing session are like a football match without a goal- boring! So, when you are routing for a vacation with your friends or family, be sure to include this grill in your checklist. It is compact, lightweight and versatile enough to be good for camping activities.

Weber 14402001 Original Kettle 

Size: 38.5 x 22.5 x 27 inches

Weight: 37.2 lbs.

Fuel: Charcoal

Material: Steel

Color: Copper, Green or Black

Cooking Space: 363 square inch


Weber Original Kettle series has some of the finest high-end charcoal grills in the market. Certainly, they are not the largest grills you can get, but their performance in small-scale settings is commendable. Weber 14402001 is one of them. It comes in three main colors which you can choose from: the copper, black and green varieties.

Like most of its sisters, Weber 14402001 has a 22-inch porcelain-enameled bowl and a lid covering it. The grill has a cooking area of about 363 square inches. You can have up to 13 burgers on it at a time.

The cooking device has an aluminum-steel One-Touch system with a removable ash tray. Then, it has an aluminum damper with a pair of strengthened nylon handles.

Plus, the grill has a professional thermometer to monitor the temperature inside the bowl. Also, it features the signature Weber wheels at two of its three legs.

Benefits of using the Weber 14402001

When I was reviewing the Weber 741001, I bashed it for its lack of a professional thermometer. That’s something that I can’t do with the Weber 14402001. When you’re grilling under strict recipes, you must have a thermometer in place. A cooker that supports precise heat monitoring and control is ideal for exotic meals. 14402001 has a built-in thermometer attached to the lid and it lets you do all this.

You can also change the temperature inside the grill without lifting off the lid. Open or close the dampers to suit your ideal temperature. When you close it, it will cut the path of oxygen to your coals and this will reduce the heat inside the grill. The plated steel fuel grates are sturdy enough to withstand the heat.

Weber 14402001 allows for convenient refueling and cleaning. If you want to add coals, hinge out the grates. The hinge allows you to add fuel on-demand- while you’re still grilling. The grates are easy to clean. Also, the One-Touch cleaning system lets you empty the ash and charcoal debris by simply swiping the catcher.

Plus, Weber 14402001 is versatile, ergonomic and easy to operate. You can hook the angled-lid to avoid placing it on the ground. Then, the safe handles are designed to stay cool. If you ever need spatula or tongs, hang them at convenient features on the grill.

Cons of the Weber 14402001

If you’re looking for a professional commercial BBQ grill, this one will disappoint you. Also, if you are party of your twenty classmates who are going for camping, don’t take this- it’s too small to sustain all of you and the grilling space is 363 square inches only.


Sometimes, size matters. But, there are times when the quality of grilled meats matter more than the unit’s size! That’s how I’d sum up the Weber 14402001. If you’re looking for a home-charcoal grill, look no further than this! 9.8/10 rating for me! What about you? What do you think about the Weber 14402001 charcoal grill review.