How to Season a New Grill With Easy Steps

How to Season a New Grill With Easy Steps

One of the best and greatest pleasures of modern life is outdoor grilling all made possible by the use of the modern outdoor grills. These are a griller’s favorite but taking care of it is a daunting task. Wait a minute! We know you are eager to use your new grill to make some amazing ribs or BBQ but wait a moment. Do you know how to season a new grill? 

If you use your grill without seasoning it first, you might be consuming more factory residue from the grill than the food. We know it is perfectly clean and shiny, but the impurities on those grills and grates are immeasurable. If your food doesn’t taste nasty, then you are consuming even metal chips from the new grill.

Seasoning a new grill is also known as curing, and it is done on a new grill before you use it. If you use a new grill without seasoning it first, a lot of things can happen. You might have your food taste so bad from all the impurities the grill came in contact with at the factory during the manufacturing process, during shipping and when putting it together. It’s more of cleaning the grill, but it is also taking care of it on the side. A seasoned grill is known to last for much longer than one which wasn’t seasoned. Luckily, you don’t need a lot of time or to do a lot to season a new grill. It is a simple process that involves oiling and heating a new grill before you use it for cooking anything.

Why season a new grill?

We know it is new and not tampered with and you have actually cleaned it, but that’s not all. Here are some of the reasons you need to season your grill:


Many products from the factory have a lot of impurities. These include dust, residual paint, manufacturing oils and metal shavings from manufacturing and shipping. No one wants any of these things on their burger.

Seasoning the new grill burns the impurities and sterilizes the new grill. Your health comes first so don’t skip the seasoning.

Makes cooking and cleaning easy

After grilling, you will be required to clean the grill before storing it in the garage or wherever you keep it. Keeping the grill clean gives it a longer life.

Seasoning ensures your grill doesn’t stick and helps the grill function efficiently. Seasoning is done with cooking oils and fats, and these adhere to the grill grates developing a non-stick surface. After cooking, cleaning, therefore, becomes easy and fast. For iron cast grates, seasoning works best as the grates are porous and absorb the seasoning oils and fats leaving a non-stick surface.

No nasty flavors

A new grill has that ‘new grill’ smell all over it. If you don’t season the grill, the grill lets out this unpleasant flavor sticking it to your food.

A seasoned grill is different from a new one. The juices, oils, and fats used to season are vaporized by the high heat and spreads to the grates, pit, lid, and everywhere else giving it a good grill flavor. Every time you use the grill, the taste becomes better and better unlike with a new unseasoned one.

A seasoned grill lasts longer

If you want to extend the life of your new grill and prevent rusting which gives food a bad taste and wears the grill out, make sure you season and clean it regularly.

Taking care of the grill extends the life of the grill and the fats on the grates and everywhere else help prevent rusting. No water can stick on fat and water is a notorious rusting agent.

What do you need?

  • Vegetable oil
  • Grilling spray or shortening
  • Wax paper
  • Charcoal or gas cylinder
  • Heat cooking oil
  • Spray bottle
  • Basting brush

How to season a new grill

All new grills benefit from seasoning whether it is a gas grill or charcoal grill cast iron or stainless steel.

Clean and rinse the grill thoroughly, and air dry the grill grates especially if you had used basin soap. There is no need to use soap but if you do, make sure to rinse and dry thoroughly.

Use a basting brush, new paintbrush or paper towel to wipe the grates with high heat resistant oil. Canola oil or peanut oil serves best. Use the spray bottle or a can of pam to apply the oil.

Use the new paintbrush to brush or wipe the oil inside the lid, on the emitters if the grill has them and on the inside of the pit. The idea is to seal the grill as well as the grates with the high heat resistant oil. If you are using a cast iron grill, it is porous, and the oil seeps into the pores.

All this is done before heating the grill!

It’s now time to light up the grill and let it heat. Light the charcoal or crank the gas to make the grill hot.

Let the grill burn and smoke with high heat for 30-40 minutes. If the grates discolor, don’t worry as this was bound to happen. The shiny grates darken during seasoning and would have darkened still even if you didn’t season the new grill. The grates darkening is a sign of the grill developing a non-stick surface and this is precisely what we aim to achieve at the end of the grill seasoning.

Turn off the heat and let the grill cool off.

After this, the grill is seasoned and ready to cook now. Don’t be tempted to scrub the grill using steel wire the kind that cleans pots and pans even after cooking. Also, avoid slathering on the high heat resistant oil. Too much of it can start a fire when the grill hits high temperatures. Apply a thin coat and wipe off the excess using a paper towel.

Maintenance of the grill after seasoning

A grill just like any other machine requires regular maintenance to keep it operating efficiently. The best way to take care of the grill is to apply oil to the grates after cooking and ensuring it doesn’t have food leftovers.

It is recommended that you season the grill every few months and it is during this time you clean it thoroughly and repeat the seasoning steps as if it was a new grill. This prevents rusting and maintains the non-stick seasoning coating.

Have a good grill brush to help maintain the grill in prime condition. Keep the heat going for like 10 minutes after cooking and use the brush to scrub down the grates getting rid of any food leftovers.

After this when the grates are still warm and clean, spray a light coating of oil. The next time you fire the grill, it will season all over again.


The first grill is a fantastic experience for everyone but without seasoning, the first time you use the grill leaves a nasty flavor on the food. Reading this post helps you understand the importance of seasoning the grill, the reasons too and how to take care of it to extend its life.

Season your new grill if you want to enjoy amazing barbecue for a long time. It is simple and doesn’t take a genius to achieve.

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